**Important: Our Original Chilly Dog Cooling Mat is only available on this store be aware of fake & cheap copies!

dog cooling mat premium self cooling dog mat for summer heat

Best Self Cooling Dog Mat

✅ Upper Layer Made of Premium Cool Fabric

✅ Bottom Layer Offers Breathable Mesh for Cooling Air Flow

✅ High Quality Stitching

✅ Keeps Your Dogs Cool Longer

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non toxic dog cooling mat

Made of Non Toxic Material

✅ Made of premium coolin gfabric and no toxic gel inside

✅ So many sizes are available as per your needs but we suggest to go for bigger one.

✅ 4 Different Colors and 6 Sizes to choose from

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dog cooling mat usage 1

All in One Dog Cooling Mat

✅ Soft edges and Premium quality Stitching

✅ No chafing on Dog skin

✅ Use anywhere your Dog likes

✅Easy to carry, Just roll it & ready to go!

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dog cooling mat machine washable usage 1

Premium Long Lasting

Machin Washable

✅ Machin Washable Mat!

✅ Quick Cooling & Dry fabric

✅ Easy to Handle & Clean

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What do our customers say?

dog cooling mat review

I ordered this dog cooling mat for my big dog which is 2 years old and medium build, XL size suits perfect and this mat is very well made. It feels very high quality and keeps my dog cool. On touch the mat is cooler than room temperature. Happy with the purchase.

dog cooling mat review

I have a retriever & these are very demanding! In summer she is like keep me in the cooler kind of dog, I ordered this mat with XL size and was surprised to see my dog actually sleeping on it loner times. The mat is working and keeps her cool in heat! Recommended!

dog cooling mat review

I have a hairy dog which needs extra care if summer is intense. We bought this dog mat in 2 colors of her liking. She loves these mats, we have kept them in different places some times we keep one in garden under tree and she love it there! The mat does the job of keeping cooler. I loved that we don’t have to freeze the mat frequently. The mat self cools!


Premium Chilly Self Cooling Dog Cooling Mat

Beat the heat!

All the pets are vulnerable to summer heat and dogs are specially! As we are approaching the May & June heat is already unbearable.

Dogs can get seriously damaged if not taken care of in heat. We have the premium quality mat designed for dogs to keep them cooler on regular hot days.

The mats are non toxic and made of simple yet powerful cooling principle.

With thousands of happy customers and recommendations of many veterans our cooling mats are always in demand.

You get to choose from 4 different colors i.e Blue, Coffee, Gray & Pink. Also there are 6 sizes varying from XS (40*30cm) till XXL (150*100cm)

Please let us know if you need any assistance in choosing the right cooling mat for your dog!

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