5 lessons    learned following Packers' loss to Chiefs in preseason

A facemask penalty on the Chiefs on a third down preserved a Green Bay drive late in the first quarter, turning around the Packers offense's lethargic start. Following that, Love played the following two drives in a comfortable rhythm, scoring 10 points on 7 of his 10 attempts for 95 yards. Six different pass catchers were involved in the seven completions.

It will be difficult to decide either undrafted rookie Tyler Goodson or second-year pro Patrick Taylor will start behind starters Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon after they both performed admirably throughout the preseason. One of the finest plays of the whole preseason was when Goodson broke a 24-yard touchdown run, and he ended with 54 yards from scrimmage (28 rushing, 26 receiving). Sadly, he botched a kickoff return as well.

Quay Walker, a first-round draught pick, demonstrated that he is prepared for the big time. Walker was the sole defensive starter who participated in the preseason, and in only a few series vs the Chiefs, the inexperienced inside linebacker was everywhere.

A few youthful protectors were zooming near, doing all that they could to make the group. The guard surrendered two or three major plays, one for a score and one more that prompted a score, however a lot of safeguards did observable things in their last battle to make the program.

Extraordinary groups didn't finish strong. The inescapable tryouts progressed forward with extraordinary groups, and the outcomes against the Chiefs weren't pretty, beside veteran punter Pat O'Donnell's strong excursion (56.3-yard net normal on six dropkicks).

The inclusion units permitted a 45-yard the opening shot return, in addition to two dropkick returns of something like 20 yards. The return game looked flimsy as well as inefficient, with unblocked players handling the returners.

Let us know your thoughts about this game! What would have been better strategy to win this game? 

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